The provost's office oversees university-wide academic planning: establishing priorities and strategies, setting policies and standards, and ensuring that resources are aligned to support the teaching and learning objectives of our faculty and students.

Under this umbrella of responsibilities the office is responsible for overseeing and managing the research projects of the university. The office ensures that faculty members are properly equipped to accurately administer any and all required paperwork, serves as a liaison between the faculty and finance office to ensure that the finances are in order, and generally oversees all research projects to ensure that they are being properly conducted.



Recognizing the important role of research within the New School community and its influence beyond campus, the university is committed to supporting faculty, staff, and students in their research, creative and professional practice.

ORS provides service to facilitate the advancement of The New School's social research and sponsored activities, while ensuring the integrity of the institution's research enterprise through proper stewardship of extramural funding.

ORS strives to provide the highest quality of support to faculty, staff, and research administrators.  ORS serves as a collaborative partner with faculty to enable faculty spending and facilitate research award management activities. ORS Research Services Coordinators will link faculty with various external entities (i.e. federal sponsors, industry sponsors, foundation sponsors, consortia/sub-recipients, pass-through entities, etc.), as well as various internal entities (i.e. Grant Accounting, Finance, Development, Corporate Partnerships and Industry Engagement, etc.)

Annual Research Symposium: Celebration of Research

University Research Council

The Research Council was formed to help advance, coordinate, and support research as a university-wide priority.

University Research Council 2019-2020

Tanya Kalmanovitch, CoPA

Lynne Rogers, CoPA

Laura Cronin, Development & Alumni Relations

Mark Gibbel, Development & Alumni Relations

Natalie  Pressey, Finance and Business

Susan Sawyer, General Counsel

Irwin Kroot, Human Resources

Andrea Yenco, Human Resources

Chris Brezil, IT

Lin Zhou, IT

Davida  Smith, Eugene Lang College

Katayoun Chamany, Eugene Lang College

Heather Chaplin, Eugene Lang College

Ed Scarcelle, Libraries

Anne Adriance, Marketing and Communications

Deborah Gibb, Marketing and Communications

Lisa Preston, Marketing and Communications

Adam Brown, New School for Social Research

Ellen Freeberg, New School for Social Research

Shannon Mattern, New School for Social Research

Wendy D'Andrea, New School for Social Research

Robin Wagner-Pacifici, New School for Social Research

McWelling Todman, New School for Social Research / IRB

Michael Schober, New School for Social Research / ORS

Marlene Campbell, Parsons

Alison Mears, Parsons

Harpreet Sareen, Parsons

Luciana Scrutchen, Parsons

Eduardo Staszowski, Parsons

Richard The, Parsons

Rita Breidenbach, PO / Staff Senate Rep

David Ngo, Office of Research Support

Ana Baptista, Schools of Public Engagement

Julia Foulkes, Schools of Public Engagement

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Schools of Public Engagement

Sujatha Jesudason, Schools of Public Engagement

Kristin Morse, Schools of Public Engagement

Timon McPhearson, Schools of Public Engagement