We are here to support your research

The New School is a university in New York City for scholarly activists, fearless designers and convention defying designers where narwhals are real.

The New School prides itself on being a progressive university, constantly searching to adopt and apply the most innovative and forward thinking methods of teaching and research. The bold ideas, diverse perspectives, and thoughtful responses that emerge from The New School help create meaningful change in our city and our world. This spirit is rooted in our history, is vital to our future, and is very much alive at The New School today. 

Provost's Office

Our goal is to provide the most fruitful setting for our faculty and students, where they are able to effectively research topics of their interest ranging from traditional scholarly efforts to performances to exhibitions and design efforts. In keeping with the mission of The New School, it makes sense to think of research broadly and inclusively, while keeping distinctions between different kinds of efforts clear.


1. When is the Office of Research Support (ORS) open?
Office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00pm. (May be closed on rare occasions for staff meetings but the drop boxes are available during these times). 

2. Where do I obtain grant forms?
Most agencies have application forms on their web sites. 

3. What are The New School Facilities & Administration (formerly indirect cost) rates?
Our rates are found on the ORS website. You may also contact researchsupport@newschool.edu

4. What are the current fringe benefits rates?
The current fringe benefit rates and their calculations are on the ORS website.

5. Who signs for the University as the Authorized Representative?
A number of individuals are authorized to sign. David Ngo, Associate Provost should be listed as the primary Authorized Official for the institution.

6. How can I obtain a project number to start expenditures on my grant?
ORS will establish an account number once we receive a fully signed award document. 

7. I need to request a no-cost extension on my grant/contract, who do I speak to?
Please contact postaward@newschool.edu

8. Can I rebudget on my award?
The terms and conditions of the award specify which programmatic and budgetary changes may be made with University approval and which need sponsor approval. In most instances the appropriate terms and conditions will be referenced on the award document.  In some cases the terms and conditions will be specifically attached to the award document. In general many non-federal sponsors are more strict in their adherence to approved budgets than Federal sponsors.

9. Do I have to monitor my sponsored projects?
Yes. As Principal Investigator you are responsible for ensuring that only allowable costs related to your project are charged to the sponsored account.

10. Who prepares the financial reports? 
ORS will liaise with Grant Accounting, who will prepare all financial reports in the format and frequency required by the sponsor.