Research Administration Demonstration Series

RAD was created due to the current economic pressures, where it has become increasingly difficult to identify the required resources to train research administrators and aid their professional development/career growth.  The goal of RAD is to provide information/knowledge sharing for all research administrators.  New research administrators could utilize RAD as part of their new employee on-boarding, while veteran research administrators could utilize RAD for their continued learning (or refresher). 

All RAD sessions are taught by national level, expert presenters.  All RAD sessions are free ($0 cost).

Slides from past RAD sessions are available below.

Session 1: All Things Pre-Award

Session 2: How Budget and Fiscal

Decisions Impact Research

Session 4: Research Integrity

Session 5: University Leadership – How to Collaborate With Other Offices

Session 8: Overview of TNS Revamped Pre and Post Award Operations

Session 9: How to Use TNS WorkDay in Research Administration


Session 10: Hot Topics in Research Administration